Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have been so uncreative lately and it was really bothering me!  I love how my latest project turned out as I think I can use it in multiple settings. 

I hosted Thanksgiving again this year and needed a table centerpiece.  I didn't want to spend alot of money so I started scouring the thrift stores around town.  I bought every ugly brass candlestick holder I could find.  I actually spend more than I wanted for them.  They ranged anywhere from $1-3.  I got them all home and this is what I had:

Just a modge podge of ugliness.  I primed and painted them all a metallic color and here is what they looked like on my table:

So I scattered my little tray with leaves and baby pumpkins and grouped all of the candles together.  This same arrangement is on my dining room table right now but I changed it a little:

I put fake snow and silver pine cones around the candlesticks.  You could do anything with this.  It may look pretty grouped together on the mantel too?  I'll try that next!


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